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2nd October 2011

Gallery guide – Islington Mill

So much to see, so much to say.


James Street
Free entry

Far-out. Both geographically and artistically. Our first and only Salford entry: the ex-real Victorian cotton mill. The Mill in Islington is no metaphor. Yet grind out a constant supply of culture the Mill does. A commune of variety, from yoga, to club-nights, studio-space and recording studios, two galleries, and also a bar; it’s worth the (15-minute) pilgrimage. It has its own B&B, though, if you can’t manage the return journey. The current Artist in Residence, David Wojtowyca, is showing his American Bodies exhibition throughout September and October. The Free for Arts Festival also has a foot in this door, with the Eat, Use, Destroy exhibition running at the Mill. And the Salford Music Festival will be represented until the 24th. The Salford Zine Library, that cultural beacon of Salford, also operates from here. All things local and/or original find a home here. This list is so far from exhaustive, I urge you to check out the many happenings for yourself. Plus, the Guardian calls it ‘cool and trendy’.
David Wojtowyca: American Bodies, September/October
Eat, Use, Destroy: 30/09-06/10
Salford Music Festival: until 24/09

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