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Live: Ladyhawke @ Ruby Lounge

Ruby Lounge
2 May
3 stars

Dressed in an oversized paisley flannel shirt, Doc Martens and skinny jeans, the blonde-headed natural beauty in front of me could have been plucked straight from any vintage shop from within the Northern Quarter.

The bombshell I speak of is New-Zealander Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke. As she stepped out onto the tiny stage, I noticed that she oozes talent and lacks the pretentiousness which entombs the Oldham-Street-goers quirky souls. This down to earth aura is probably why she is so easy to chat to; and why she has “been thrown out of my own gigs countless times from the scary security” who don’t realise that she is actually a starlet.

After reading several reviews, I expected to witness a dull and lifeless performance, owing to her supposed shy nature. Ladyhawke graced the small stage of Ruby Lounge on the 2nd May and this gig was the complete opposite of what I expected. It left me wondering if others before me had been watching the same Ladyhawke as me.  She appeared comfortable and at ease from the offset, often engaging with the audience and joining in with the crowds’ chants.

Ladyhawke performed effortlessly yet impeccably. The upbeat, electro pop songs ‘Paris is Burning’, ‘Magic’ and ‘My Delirium’ were instant crowd pleasers. Forthcoming material went down a treat and did not lose the crowd’s attention, probably due to a combination of their catchy nature and Ladyhawkes’ captivating stage presence. Pip said “I have really enjoyed doing this album taster tour and I will be back playing bigger venues very soon!”

Her new album Anxiety is set for release this month. If this performance is anything to go by, I envision that certain songs will be played repetitively within the indie club scene.

Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning

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