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It’s my party, and I’ll play Shaggy if I want to

A person’s music collection is a very personal thing; a whole source of feelings, emotions and special memories. However, there comes a time when these cherished songs are thrust into the spotlight and put to public trial. At one time or another, whether it’s with flatmates or at a dinner party, someone is required to provide music to fill those awkward pockets of empty conversation. The question is, are we brave enough to step forward and be that provider with the knowledge that we’re housing the greatest hits of a certain Shania Twain!

For most people a guilty pleasure is something terribly unfashionable and cheesy (take any power ballad), or it’s a song choice you wouldn’t associate with a certain person i.e. a plasterer who happens to enjoy a bit of Donna Summers after work. So by those guidelines, I should never take my iPod to a social situation again. But I do, and I do so with pride.

Doing a quick shuffle on my iPod, the first five artists are; Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, The Libertines, Barry White and Jane’s Addiction. In just four turns, the sexual walrus that is Barry White has been brought to attention. As a mild mannered, 19 year old, white mancunian this may seem a bit odd – even silly. But I say to you that there is nothing wrong with toe tapping to ‘Let The Music Play’ on the bus, this is one pleasure that I have no guilt in admitting. So what I say to you good people is embrace all music, don’t tell people it’s your mum’s Ultravox CD, be proud of all your tastes. I admit, Bazza isn’t the best, but if you happen to run into a Barry-aficionado of the opposite sex in a bar you’re quids in! You say guilty pleasure, I say well-rounded.

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Tom Ingham

Music Editor
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