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Tom Ingham

Tom Ingham

Music Editor

Review: El Capo

El Capo are bringing the authentic taste of tapas and tequila to Manchester.

Album: Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Joe Evans reflects upon Damon Albarns first solo effort.

Interview: Gary Numan

Gary Numan talks frankly about his issues with depression, his reluctance to rely on nostalgia and being a stunt pilot.

Interview: Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop)

We picked the brains of the Internets busiest music nerd Anthony Fantano on the state of guitar music, why AM sucked and Cal Chuchesta’s Christmas movie.

Interview: Pixies

Tom Ingham talks Kim Deal, bathroom etiquette and the future of the Pixies with iconic guitarist Joey Santiago.

Live: Robert Plant

The Dancing days are far from over as Plant brings it on home at the Apollo

Feature: The Music Behind the Murder

“The home of gangsta rap and gaangsta bitches!!”

Album: Arctic Monkeys – AM

Arctic Monkeys latest effort; great news for insomnia sufferers .

Interview: The Orb (Dr. Alex Paterson)

Boarding school barn dances, experimental chill out rooms and Daft Punk. Dr. Alex Paterson tells us about a few of his favourite (and not so favourite) things ahead of The Orb’s 25th anniversary tour.

Interview: Baillie Walsh – Springsteen & I

Director Baillie Walsh talks Bruce and his fans following the release of Springsteen & I.

Film: Springsteen & I

Baillie Walsh creates the perfect homage to celebrate the Bosses 40 years in the biz.

Music and Politics – What’s going on?

Does politics have a place in music? Tom Ingham thinks so

Review: Sarfraz Manzoor – How Bruce Springsteen changed my life

Tom Ingham heads to the Lowry to indulge his love of Springsteen in reviewing Sarfraz Manzoor’s ‘How Bruce Springsteen changed my life’

Interview: The Script

Ireland, The Voice and why The Script owe their fame to The Potato Famine.

Interview: David Ford

Tom Ingham speaks to David Ford about his new album, why he isn’t really popular and why The Stone Roses killed music

Live: David Ford w/Emily Grove and Jarrod Dickenson

David Ford plays an intimate set with friends at Manchester’s Deaf Institute

Column: Talk About, Pop Music

What exactly is pop? Is Pop associated with a certain era? Tom Ingham takes a look

Interview: Stiff Little Fingers

The punk legends talk music, politics and longevity with Tom Ingham

Column: The Day the Music Died

Have Music Awards lost their significance? Does a Brit award actually matter? Do we care?

Live: Little Green Cars

Are Little Green Cars just another band in the ever growing country-rock genre? Tom Ingham finds out