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23rd February 2015

Ask Adrienne

Resident agony aunt Adrienne Galloway is here to help

Dear Adrienne,

I’ve recently had a realisation about my everyday casual dress sense. Almost all my daily outfits consist of black skinny jeans, of which I have several pairs. Although they’re appropriate for my daily shenanigans as a student, I’m starting to feel a bit repetitive and need some advice on how to switch it up.
The first thing to do is not to panic because at one point or another we’ve all experienced, or are still experiencing ECA (Emotional Clothing Attachment). Holding on for dear life to that one clothing item that suits our needs perfectly, that has grabbed our heart and refuses to let go. If you’re a casual dresser then jeans are likely to be one of your go-to clothing objects, especially with the unpredictable weather conditions that we’re currently experiencing. What I will say is that a little experimentation never hurt anybody. Why not try different colours and/or styles that fit your practical needs but also add a little edge to your outfit. Try pairing light blue mom jeans with a black belt and long sleeve crop top to channel Janet Jackson’s statement Poetic Justice look.
Finding the right pair of jeans is a strenuous but important fashion voyage for anyone who wishes to blur the distinctive line between ‘I made a conscious effort today’ and ‘I woke up 10 minutes ago’. The denim industry has recognised this and has styles to cater to all shapes and sizes. Boyfriend, mom, ripped (sometimes almost to shreds), distressed, acid wash, ankle grazer, high waisted or combinations of the above. Invest time and effort into jean shopping and soon you’ll have much more to work with than black skinnies.

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