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Manchester must-haves

Indestructible boots

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but it rains in Manchester. A lot. Rumour has it, Manchester is the rainiest place in England (this is actually false, Manchester is 8th on the list with the title going to Cardiff…but try telling that to my constantly wet socks). Invest in a good quality pair of boots, and if you want to be really safe, you could bring your favourite wellies with you, too.

Leather Buckle Boots – £75
Photo: Warehouse

Sturdy coat

Your cute little biker jacket and your new suede cape are not going to protect you when a month’s worth of rain falls in the 30 seconds that you spend waiting for a bus. Be kind and treat yourself to a new coat. Definitely splash-proof if not waterproof, and don’t kid yourself—you need a hood! There is also wind in Manchester, meaning that a cheap Primark umbrella doesn’t make the must-haves I’m afraid!

Bellfield Longline Parka £38 Photo: ASOS

Bellfield Longline Parka – £38
Photo: ASOS

Beauty buys

Time to invest in a waterproof mascara. Yeah, rain. Plus, when you roll out of bed at 8:30 and have a 9 o’clock lecture, you will be thankful that the mascara you tried to rub off last night refused to budge. Moisturiser and a good lip balm are always great to keep handy, too—all this rain, wind, partying and erm… ‘studying’ plays havoc with your skin!

Book Bag

Ahhh, accessories, my one true love. I would recommend a bag that fits your tablet/laptop/notepad in, and also one that zips, keeping the rain out and the work in!

Aldo backpack - £45Photo: ASOS

Aldo backpack – £45
Photo: ASOS

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