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13th July 2018

Preview: Pizza and prosecco festival 2018

Guess who’s back… back again!
Preview: Pizza and prosecco festival 2018
Photo: Pizza and Prosecco festival

There couldn’t be a more perfect way to celebrate. You’ve finished finished your exams, and possibly even your time at University. To be honest though, you don’t even need an excuse. This event is just that good.

The Pizza and Prosecco Festival is back once again, returning to the Bowlers Exhibition in Manchester (Near the Trafford Centre). They’re on a whistle-stop tour starting Saturday the 14th of July, following on from their massive success sold-out tour in 2017. The event doesn’t intend on stopping any time soon either; the organisers have hinted at bigger and better things in the future too.

Photo: Pizza and Prosecco festival
Photo: Pizza and Prosecco festival

It’s an amazingly simple, but perfect idea: a touring festival makes  its way through the UK, stopping off at the likes of Leeds, London and Bristol serving pizza and prosecco. Its size and popularity has increased exponentially, and I cannot begin to wonder why.

Upon entry, people will receive a slice of pizza, an Aperol Spritz and even a pizza & prosecco bible to help guide you through the event. As always, there will be a huge variety of flavours of Prosecco and cocktails to try. They also make sure all those bubbles don’t go to your head, with different pizza vendors from around the country helping you line your stomach. They even have pizza cones!

Photo: Pizza and Prosecco festival
Photo: Pizza and Prosecco festival

The jam-packed day event is filled with music, laughter and bubbles, and offers such a great and unique experience to you and your friends. The event will also be hosted by an entertaining drag act providing spontaneous fun, together with various pizza and prosecco related games, with prizes to be won!

So, what are you waiting for?

Tickets are available here.




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