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21st February 2019

Event Preview: The So-So Show

Find out why The So-So Show will be anything but so-so
Event Preview: The So-So Show
Photo: Fuse TV

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just what the societies of the University of Manchester have to offer, wonder no longer. Fuse TV are here, bringing you The So-So Show, which promises to be anything but so-so.

So, I hear you ask, what actually is The So-So Show? The concept is a late-night variety show that wants to showcase the very best of Manchester’s society talent. The line up will include swing dancers, comedians, barbershop singers, you name it. It will be hosted by Jenna Brannock and Hannah Wardle from Fuse TV, who will supply what is sure to be some excellent chat in between the acts. Get ready for a night of laughs that will be bold and a little bit outrageous, but one that will certainly be a whole lot of fun.

In total there will be three shows, with the first one taking part on the Thursday, 28th February, in the Council Chambers in the Students’ Union. Performing on this first night will be Craig Rose from the Comedy Society, the Swing Dance Society, the Barbershop Swingers, and the Women’s Theatre Society.

Jordan Vincent, President of the Comedy Society, says that Craig’s performance will certainly be one to watch.

“He invites you in, gets you comfortable, and then hits you with his hyper-Northern, hyper-bizarre childhood tales. Get ready for opportunist pigeons, playground tooth trade-deals, and an unseen twist to second-hand smoking. He’s too young to have seen so much. Don’t miss it!”

The whole thing is going to be filmed in front of a live audience, so if you want to grab yourself a ticket, make sure you head over to the event page. The best part is that it won’t even set you back a penny, so there’s no excuse not to go along.

Cachella Smith, a fourth year English Literature and French student, told me that “it’ll be a really great opportunity to see all the hard work that students in societies get up to, especially in such a fun format!”

Fuse TV, as part of Manchester Media Group, focuses on all things TV-related. To find out more about what they get up to, watch their videos, and to find information about how you can get involved, have a look at their Facebook page.

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