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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

This is what 42s and Factory currently look like inside

Manchester’s favourite student night clubs have re-opened as bars with full table service. In a city famous for its nightlife and music scene, the new Covid restrictions have forced Manchester’s clubs to adapt to new rules to stay open. We spoke to the most popular student clubs to find out how they are operating under new restrictions. Loved by thousands of students, here’s how they have changed!

42nd street nightclub

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic student clubs in Manchester, it is safe to say you have not had a full university experience without going on a night out at 42s. Famous for its classic indie nights and noughties retro music, the club is definitely one of the most important music establishments in the city.

Cheap drinks, Skint Thursdays and unbelievably long queues: How different does the club look now?

42s is currently open as a seating only bar with socially distanced tables. Table bookings must be made in advance, with thorough cleaning between bookings. They have the capacity of 160 seats with maximum six people per table. Speaking to the club manager Siobhan, she mentions one of the biggest challenges of running socially distanced club nights is the music choice, “you can’t just play ‘not nineteen forever’ because everyone would go crazy and want to stand up to dance.”

They have partnered with Topkapi take away, where people can order pizzas to enjoy with their drinks in the club for a new bar experience. Their opening hours are 6-10 pm, Monday to Friday.

The club is also currently partnered with Dominos Pizza from the 1st of October for a free pizza giveaway night!


This is how 42s looks operating as a bar. Photo: @42ndstreetnightclub @ Facebook


Factory Manchester

Factory is another classic student club in Manchester. Famous for its ‘quids in’ Mondays and the variety of music across three different floors, Factory is massively popular among students. Like many other nightclubs, they have turned into a bar with full table service. Customers have to be seated at all times unless going to the toilet or to smoke. Reservation in advance is required with no more than six people per table. Upon arrival, safety measures are introduced to guests.

As the former club turns into a bar, the volume of sound changes too. Songs will be played at a much lower volume, as opposed to the usual blaring music and flashing lights.

Photo: @42ndstreetnightclub @ Facebook

A ‘club’ night at Factory under the new restrictions. Photo: @42ndstreetnightclub @ Facebook

Even though it is not the same as before, clubs are trying their best to accommodate students in these strange and uncertain times.

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