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Beauty bag

In the Beauty Bag #8

Name: Zahra

Age: 22

Degree: International Fashion Marketing

Degree year: 1 year masters

Do you stick to a beauty routine?

For the longest time, my beauty routine consisted of washing my face in the shower with a bar of Dove soap.

Make-Up Sponges Facial - Free photo on Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Very unimpressive. However, on one random day in first year, I decided it was time for me to grow up and stop trying to be that pick me girl who says she doesn’t wear make-up. Starting to take care of my facial appearance further on in life made me very behind and inexperienced in the world of beauty.

I don’t really have a beauty routine, per say. However, most days I’ll whip out that good ol’ moisturiser, concealer and blush combo for that natural daily look. Then wash it off with a gentle toner at the end of the day.

What are your favourite skincare products?

I can’t lie, I definitely lack in the skincare department and old, wrinkly me will definitely hate me for it. I regularly use one singular skincare product and that is the Renergie Multi-Lift Ultra cream by Lancome. I got it for free a few months ago when my mum bought a foundation from the brand and it’s really good and light weight. I’ve been blessed with normal skin, so I don’t have the burden of searching up life changing skincare products.

On days where I’m in that fancy, self-care mood, I’ll pop on a face masks for the elite vibes. My go to product is the Rose Jelly Mask by Lancome. I never really believed in the face mask façade until I used this. You put a thin layer on and go to sleep and I swear to God, when I wake up, my skin is a glowing, dewy canvas of greatness.

What are your favourite makeup products?

Not to be dramatic, but I would simply pass away without Vaseline. I don’t know if you’d class it as a make up product, but the rose-tinted flavour is basically a lip gloss at this point. I occasionally dabble into Carmex but my heart will always long for that rose Vaseline magic.

Anything you’re guilty of doing (or not doing)?

I own one beauty blender that I’ve had for 3 years (please don’t judge me, I’m an on and off makeup wearer) and 0 make up brushes. I also never wear sun cream because I’m brown and think I’m immune to the effects of the sun even though I’m not.

Is there anything in particular you like to splurge on?

A good hair mask. I’ve bleached my hair about 5 times since the age of 16 (I’m the cliché for changing her hair at every minor inconvenience). My hair is not alive, so a good hair mask is the least it deserves after all I’ve put it through. Right now, I’m using Olaplex Number 3 and honestly, you really can’t go wrong with the Olaplex products.

What are your favourite hair products?

Hair products is where I shine. I have tried literally all of them throughout my hair journey. I never really repurchase the same product 2 times

Photo Credit: Zahra Mukadam

in a row. My hair becomes immune to hair products really quickly, so their effects wear off. If we’re talking drugstore products, I do like the Elvive

                                      Photo Credit: Zahra Mukadam

Dream Lengths range. After my 5th bleach, I decided that drug store just wasn’t cutting it. I currently use the Joico reconstructor shampoo and conditioner and follow it up with some Argan Oil and Unique One spray once out of the shower. The combination of these products, plus my Olaplex mask is a solid 8 out of 10.

For all the fake blondes out there, I’m about to put you on the best product ever. It’s the purple shampoo by Bold Uniq and it is the best purple shampoo in all existence. I’ve tried, Fudge, Joico, Fanola, John Frieda, you name it. Nothing compares to this purple shampoo. I’m Indian so my hair has a lot of copper undertones – this product sorts me right out.

Any beauty secrets?

I wouldn’t exactly call this a secret but it’s something that really helps with split ends and that is snipping them off. Invest in a pair of hair scissors and every few days (or weeks, my hair is just super damaged), just chop a little bit of hair off at the ends. It’s quite fun, actually, as long as you don’t go overboard. It keeps your hair stronger, especially when it’s so damaged.

Is there a specific product that you are endlessly looking for and still haven’t found the perfect one?

This is so basic but I haven’t found the perfect concealer. I’ve tried good ones but none of them hit like I want them to. I currently use the FitMe concealer by Maybelline, it’s cheap and it does the job however when I come home after a long day, it’s like I’ve got no concealer on at all. I really want to try the Tarte Shape Tape concealer but the price is just so off putting to me.

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