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5th October 2022

The ultimate guide to food in Fallowfield

Your new accommodation may be no Bristol-level brick buildings but fear not, you’re in the hotspot for the best bars and charming scran!
The ultimate guide to food in Fallowfield

Are you a fresher who’s feeling hungry but doesn’t know where to eat? Then check out this fresher’s guide to Fallowfield food, study spots, and hidden takeaway gems.

Offers takeaway

Vegan options

Open late

Study spot

Cheap eats


Kicking off our tour with my favourite Fallowfield spot. Located just between Fallowfield campus and Sainsbury’s, Tzatziki’s serve insanely affordable Greek deli food. You can eat in or take away, however they’re only on Just Eat. Go all out with souvlakia or gyros. The baked feta is the crown jewel of the menu.

Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion

Falafel Van

My highly commended spot. This van sits right outside the back entrance of Fallowfield campus pretty much most weekdays. I’d recommend the falafel or halloumi wrap, which they press down on the grill, with all the tahini, pickle, and hot sauce trappings. Always opt for a Vimto for the ultimate Falafel van experience.

Down in Withington

Southside Tequila Joint

Withington’s best spot without a doubt. Every day, they have a happy hour offer of 2-4-1 on their signature cocktails from 9-11pm. But that’s not even the best part. Tacos start at a mere quid, with a creative and regularly changing menu. My personal favourite is the mac and cheese taco, but they also dabble in lamb, fish and chips, and buffalo chicken tacos; there are also plenty of vegan options. Piece of advice – try to get there before happy hour kicks off as it’s always hard to find a seat after 8 pm.

Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion


The café bar opposite Southside – doubles as a great brunch study spot and a live music venue. Their meat-free menu is ridiculously affordable. Take your laptop in the morning and order an iced coffee with whipped cream. Then come back later to support some student bands upstairs with a pint – a regular venue for the Gigs and Bands Society.

Menu hidden gem: their lunchtime Pho.

Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion

Some Curry Mile favourites 


Without a doubt the best place to get Mediterranean food in the area. It’s located a bit closer to uni, but the falafel wrap will blow your socks off. If you’re feeling healthy, the Fattoush salad is a favourite of mine. I’d also recommend trying their batata harra fatayer, it’s just cheese and spicy potatoes and more cheese and more spicy potatoes – can’t go wrong. A great option on a lunch break at uni!

Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion
Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion

My Lahore

One of the best curry spots on the curry mile, My Lahore has a really nice atmosphere inside too. Definitely a place to try for a family dinner with your new flatmates. Their menu is a British Asian fusion with curries, burgers, and lots of options for the fussier eaters. Do not sleep on the cheesy garlic naan, get two each.

Chit ‘n’ Chaat

This Indian street food spot is right at the start of the curry mile. Plenty of veg options, with most menu items being around the £5 mark. If you’re not a meat eater, definitely try the Samosa Chaat or Gobi Manchurian. One of the Curry Mile’s more underrated food spots.

Where to take mum and dad

Mughli Charcoal Pit

Mughli being Manchester’s best curry spot is a hill I’m happy to die on. My flatmate and I once ate leftovers from a meal with her parents in the beer garden of Friendship Inn with our hands. Students get a 10% discount off the entire menu and can bring their own booze. Call me basic but the Butter Chicken is otherworldly, with plenty of vegan options too.


Withington’s new spot is a favourite among my friends who have taken their parents out after moving in. I haven’t visited myself, but they offer some swanky-looking small plates and food off the grill. Definitely a safe one for a classy local meal out with the rents.

Where to have a boogie


The student’s old faithful. And it’s right opposite campus. On Mondays they offer two pizzas and a bottle of wine for £20, or two doubles for £8. They also have a jazzy Get Down night on Friday, and always have a great playlist going. A great way to line your stomach before a Wednesday night at 256.

Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion
Photo: Libby Elliott @ The Mancunion
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