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9th April 2024

Celebrity Style Guide #5: Beabadoobee

We explore the unique style of young artist Bea Laus AKA Beabadoobee
Celebrity Style Guide #5: Beabadoobee
Credit: Erin McCormack @ Wikimedia Commons

At only 23 years old, Beatrice Laus AKA Beabadoobee has accumulated a cult following for her indie-rock-bedroom-pop tunes, inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith and Karen O. Her music has achieved numerous award nominations since she released her first song ‘Coffee’ back in 2017.

Beyond this, she’s also been revered for her Gen Z fashion sense which has since led to her numerous Fashion Week attendances, despite not being “part of this world”. Despite her youth and short time in the spotlight, Bea’s style has already evolved and matured, such that it is impossible not to admire both her casual and oftentimes audacious outfits that have made her the burgeoning style icon that she is today.

Graphic baby tee

For her more casual looks, and even on stage, baby tees often constitute the base of Beabadoobee’s outfits, paired with a mini skirt or super low-waisted jeans and usually topped with an ironic slogan emblazoned across the front. This is definitely a staple that resonates with younger generations inspired by 90s and Y2K looks; In Print We Trust is a particular brand that comes to mind in the world of unique and fun baby tees. 

Despite her prowess as an artist, Bea continues to have fun with her onstage outfits, sporting an iconic ‘CAT MILF’ baby tee at one of her New York shows in the summer of 2023. Aside from her ‘Beatopia’ tour baby tees, she has since gone on to release merchandise for her two (frankly adorable) cats called Kimchi and Miso – part of the merch collection is, of course, an extensive range of baby tees sporting slogans like ‘I love my cats’. 

Credit: David Lee @ Wikimedia Commons


Beabadoobee’s shoe game is (and I do not say this lightly) lit. Alongside some great sneakers, she is often seen sporting leather boots in a range of different styles – from sleek black knee highs seen on her Instagram, to the kitten-heeled-buckle-adorned brown ankle boots she often wears on stage. It’s a testament to her eye for fashion that she can mix grungy boots with such a casual outfit and make it look intentionally juxtaposing, rather than awkward and mismatched.

Credit: Justin Higuchi @ Wikimedia Commons

Most recently, Bea wore her own incredible denim, bedazzled, distressed (words almost can’t do them justice) boots from Church Archive in Brick Lane at the AW24 Off White show – talk about cool.


Shout out Brick Lane vintage 🫡 #beabadoobee #offwhite #pfw #tiktokfashion #fitcheck #ootd #bricklane

♬ original sound – i-D

Hot pants

I was not best pleased when I heard minute hot pants were coming back into fashion, but Bea makes them look unbelievably cool and casual, from tracksuit mini shorts for lounging around to khaki hot pants onstage. Her ability to use similar pieces to create completely different outfits both for day-to-day and for her performances are, I believe, a real show of her unique style; her personal character truly seeps into everything she wears.

Soft grunge makeup

If you haven’t seen Beabadoobee-esque makeup tutorials all over your social media then where have you been? Faux freckles are an absolute must if you’re looking to create her signature look, and no Beabadoobee makeup is complete without some super smoked-out, smudged gel liner. In her Vogue Beauty YouTube video, Bea said she doesn’t take off her eyeliner because “slept-in makeup is kind of a vibe” (I do not endorse sleeping in your makeup, but she makes it work).

The Hair

If you’ve been following Beabadoobee for a while, you’ll know that her hair has gone through almost all shades of the rainbow; it’s been bleached, green, red, and now black. I have no idea how her hair is still intact so I need to know what she does to keep it alive! At 23, she’s returned to her sleek, natural jet black roots (no pun intended), with long, grown-out bangs. Despite looking sleek, her hair still has so much volume and fits in with her slightly messy vibe that makes her all the more cool.

Credit: John (Flickr) @ Creative Commons

To put it simply, Bea’s style is just cool. Her onstage outfits and daytime looks both have so much character and you can really tell that the pieces come from her own personal wardrobe. Not only is she an incredibly talented musician, but she is also becoming a generational icon, especially when it comes to her fashion.

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