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Khalil Secker

Khalil Secker

Former reporter for The Mancunion, now Campaigns Manager.

The Sussex occupation

Our campaigns officer visited the Sussex occupation

“Do demonstrations actually change anything?”

Campaigns and Citizenship Officer Khalil Secker seeks to challenge the notion that protest is pointless in the face of growing apathy

My Political Hero: Dr Swee

The 4ft 11inch surgeon and human rights champion

Students lobby Labour over plans for NHS

Students, trade unionists and activists lobbied outside the Labour Party Conference against NHS cutbacks

Students depict scenes of violence to protest killing of Syrian civilians

Islamic societies mark the anniversary of the start of the Syrian uprising with a flash mob in Manchester

New degree programme mixes medicine with politics

Medical students study war, refugee camps, floods and genocides in a new degree course at Manchester University

On the front line

Khalil Secker talks to Marc Dubois, head of MSF UK, an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation founded in 1971.