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Labour, the Slightly-Less-Nasty-Party

Ed Miliband’s tuition fee plan is just a ‘pale imitation of the existing Tory policy’, writes Gareth Lewis

Rick Perry: liar, liar, pants on fire!

Inaccuracy, hyperbole, distortion and downright GOP lies

The battle for the Republican presidential nomination is shaping up to be the most error-strewn campaign in political history

Picture of progress: Helle Thorning-Schmidt

The Thatcher effect – an unsuccessful quest for political dominance?

As Denmark elects Helle Thorning-Schmidt, its first female Prime Minister, Jess Brown explores how far female politicians have come in establishing themselves on the world stage

Determined: Osborne has fixed his steely gaze on forcing through planning reforms

Osborne risks battling the backbenchers

The Chancellor is on course for a skirmish over housing with increasingly restless Tory backbenchers


Hanging and cotching

Prepare for a day of nothing

A highly taxing matter

Our system is based too much around people who want to take money from Britain and place it in foreign bank accounts

Police in Riot Gear

Welcome Back

By losing sight of the disenfranchisement of our inner-city black population in the noise of the riots, we risk writing off people’s genuine frustration as apolitical looting and destruction

Boris ping pong

Boris Johnson, British politics and the incurable case of the ping pong political conference

The Mayor of London’s ping-pong prowess provides a useful metaphor for the insular nature of our party conference system

Vince the Cable

Conference crunch time for the coalition

Rob Fuller assesses the priorities of the three main parties, and what it will take for each of them to have a successful autumn conference

A recent poll shows Barack Obama trailing both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, his most likely Republican challengers

The Week in Washington: Obama’s jobs plan

President Obama’s flagship jobs plan could be his last chance to save a faltering presidency


Reshaping Manchester

Proposed changes to parliamentary constituencies across Manchester disregard the significance of local identity


Racism in the living room

Paul Haslam comments on the advance of racism in everyday situations.