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Album: The Streets – Computers and Blues

The Streets
Computers and Blues
Atlantic Records
4 Stars

News of the eagerly anticipated final Streets album release has excited fans, hearing claims that Mike Skinner had returned to the high standards of ‘Original Pirate Material’ and ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free.’

Once again Mike Skinner has produced a fresh and impressive album, reminiscent of the early work that made him the success he is.  Many feel that it is definitely not his best album, perhaps third in line, and I would have to agree.  Whilst this may seem harsh, this still gives Computer and Blues ample high praise.

‘Without Thinking’, a classic bouncy Streets song about living life for the moment and going out on a whim is a highlight of the release. ‘Soldiers’ and ‘OMG’ manage to be even better, the latter being an unlikely success- somehow managing to divulge the information of a change in Facebook relationship status without with out making you want to stab yourself in the eye. However it is probably the album’s final two tracks that give us the perfect farewell to The Streets. ‘Trust Me’ is produced in a style, resonant of his debut album. This leaves Mike Skinner handing in his notice with ‘Lock the Locks’, a powerful track that manages to end the album perfectly, just as ‘Stay Positive’ and ‘Empty Cans’ have done before. This itself is a fine piece of work, that is sadly let down occasionally by a weak chorus or the occasional line. Nonetheless it was always going to be hard for Mike Skinner to gain critical acclaim when he has such a prestigious back catalogue for comparison.

The record is an appropriate and enjoyable release to end Streets saga on – that is, until the money runs out and we see the inevitable comeback.

Michael Beer

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