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15th September 2011

Welcome Week Survival list

You could survive without it but it’s always handy.
1. If you’re moving into halls, keep your door open when you’re unpacking. Then people will know someone exists in room 12 and yay, new friend.
2. If you’re staying at home, joining societies, Student Union events and course activities are a sure fire way to meet potential friends.
3. Smile at everyone! Not in a weird way, but in a “I’m just as nervous as you are” way. They’re all in the same boat remember
4. On nights out, have a few taxi numbers to hand. Manchester is big, so safety in numbers.
5. For the girls: bring a pair of flats with you. Heels look nice when you’re posing in the corridor before you leave, but firey feet at the end of the night just aren’t cool.
6. In halls, buy store cupboard essentials like salt, pepper, sugar etc so that everyone will be able to have at least a few essentials!
7. Sign up with a GP and Dentist as soon as you can (ahh Fresher’s flu…)
8. Introductory lectures usually have the most important information about certain books, so bring a pen and a paper.
9. Try to familiarise yourself with the Student Union and who your officers are for specific things (Women’s officer, Humanities officer etc) you never know when you might need them.

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