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A Good Friday

It is cheaper and healthier to cook your own fish, not to mention that you’ll be free from the lingering fishy smell, which you won’t be able to get rid of until someone buys a can of Febreze.

Now I hear what you might be thinking and I’m ready for your onslaught: why then does everyone say that fish is good for you? Isn’t fish known as brain food? Doesn’t it contain omega 3 fatty acids that keep the heart healthy and help fight disease?

These are all true; nutritionists recommend that we do eat fish regularly, as with everything else, in moderation. The problem lies in the way that fish and chips shops prepare the fish, resulting in approximately 1,300 calories and a whopping 75 grams of fat in an average large portion of cod and chips. The amount of oil that the fish and chips are deep-fried in is responsible for this high calorie and fat content, which is then exacerbated by the fact that the portions are normally huge. Furthermore, if you say ‘yes please!’ to the ‘salt and vinegar?’ offered on top, all of a sudden your Friday night takeaway choice doesn’t look that appealing.

Sadly, the alternatives that fish and chips shops offer – battered sausage, meat pies – aren’t the epitome of healthy eating either. So why not try it yourself? Pick up one of the lesser loved fish varieties and make yourself a guilt-free fish dinner.

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