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27th September 2011

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Welcome week is over, lectures have begun and most importantly Fuse FM covered the week’s events by broadcasting live from The Student’s Union. On Sunday night we hit the “on air” switch and from 6pm we brought you all the latest from Battle of the Brands.  Club Academy was packed out and with some of Manchester’s finest DJs on the decks we can safely say the evening was a cracking way to begin our Welcome Week broadcast.

As this issue of The Mancunion went to print we were eagerly anticipating getting ourselves back on the airwaves after a long summer break. Head of Programming, Dean Webster had prepped the presenters. Head of Marketing, Clifford Fleming had a thousand clothes pegs in a carrier bag – don’t ask. Our Treasurer, Vicky Bond had our sponsorship forms in a pretty pink folder and our Station Manager, Dan Alani had already moved out of his house in Fallowfield and made the studio his new home.

We were out in full force at the Student Fair; interviewing societies, DJing live from the balcony and playing your requests. With Touchdown on Saturday and the arrival of the one and only Zane Lowe looming ever closer we were frantically planning how on earth we could persuade the world renowned DJ and radio superstar to put Radio 1 in the past and convince him to become a permanent fixture in the Fuse studios. I’ll let you know in next week’s issue how we got on with that one…

So with Welcome Week over Fuse FM has begun its eleventh year of producing student run radio and Student Media is living life to the full like never before. Communications Officer of the Student’s Union, Jeremy Buck explains why Student Media is a great way to make a difference to the University: “[It] gives students a voice and a platform. From pushing new student talent, to getting news stories that matter to students out onto campus and into the wider press arena. Student media puts some punch behind what students think, say and do!”

Buck continues: “For students that want to gain skills in journalism, studio tech, presenting or music, student media is the perfect place to do it, and you don’t need to worry about being given the grinding jobs like you would on an unpaid internship, as everything you do is student led and chosen by you!”


Meet The Committee – Dean Webster

Course and year: “Physiology, third year.”


Where are you from?: “Reading brappp!!”


Committee position: “Head of Programming.”


What does your role entail?:  “Scheduling the shows, doing a bit of training and making the station sounds lush.”


How can members get involved in your area?: “Drop me an email at [email protected] or if you see me say hi – I don’t bite (unless you’re Nandos chicken).”


What are you most looking forward to over the year being a part of Fuse?: “Being on air is always a good laugh and the Student Radio Conference, basically our annual road-trip, is probably the most fun ever!”


Most embarrassing Fuse moment: “The studio gets really hot, so I took my trousers off and did the show in my undies once, only to discover that there is a webcam. Whoops!”


Committee member with the worst habit: “Oh definitely me. I’m always late to meetings (sorry)! and when I turn up I don’t pay attention (sorryyyy)!”


What do you want to be when you grow up, don’t feel like you need to say something in radio: “Radio 1 DJ.”


Even for someone who isn’t thinking about a career in the media why would you recommend getting involved with Fuse: “There are lots of other things you can do with us, such as DJing, gig reviews, and more. Plus our socials are wild and you’d be joining the coolest cats in town.”


Favourite radio station (apart from Fuse): “Kiss 100.”


Name a radio show that you listen to every day and why it’s so amazing: “I have to say I absolutely love the Chris Moyles Show. He’s marmite, but I’d spread him all over my toast!”


Your earliest Fuse memory: “I swore on air.”


One top tip on being ‘good’ at radio: “Don’t swear.”


If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be: “Barack Obama.”


Favourite Manchester night out. Where is it and what is it?: “Full Moon at Sankeys every Thursday. Its all about the mad dash from the taxi, into the club, and up the stairs for the RnB and Hip Hop before it get to capacity. Every man for themself!”


A band we should all be keeping our eyes on at the moment: “One Direction (obvs).”


The first thing you put in your shopping basket when you go food shopping: “Sainsbury’s Basic Vodka (I’m a classy bird).”


Favourite place on campus to eat: “Potters Cafe.”


Favourite place on campus to sleep: “Every single lecture theatre.”


And finally, sum up Fuse in 3 words: “Better than sex.”


How to hear more

If you missed us at the Student Fair and on Monday’s info session get in touch – we’d love for you to get involved, it’s not too late!

Like our page on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter @FuseFM

Check out our website for more info

Email me:  [email protected]

hattie pearson

hattie pearson

Former Head of Communications at FUSEFM.

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