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Asia Triennial Manchester 11

You might not have heard, but Asia is upon us. Yes, yes, China’s economy is growing faster than a social network whilst the ocean is evaporating. But the real earth-shrinking news is that the Asia Triennial is back and bigger than ever. The festival that launched 23 commissions and five exhibitions back in the last decade (2008) has now thoroughly invaded Manchester.
Over 20 ‘community-based venues’ have thrown open their arms, and their walls to Asia-related art; new contenders include MadLab and Manchester Cathedral. The second tri-annual festival looks at contemporary issues facing Asia and Asia-in-Manchester: themes of immigration, city-dwelling, connectivity and all in one hegemonic, cohesively-glued package labelled ‘art’. And the really unique thing is that as well as representing Asia, the Triennial represents, creates even, contemporary art. And whether or not this platform for East Asian issues is so pervasive and widespread here in Manchester, due to the large Chinese community, is not as relevant as the fact that this conglomerate is providing Manchester with some really interesting, thought-provoking– you might even say cutting edge– art.
Take your time, Asia Triennial is on until the 27th November. Check out specific listings and events at and our reviews for our writers’ recommendations.

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