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7th November 2011

Student Action

Feeling inspired reading about the volunteering experiences of others? Want some of that warm fuzzy feeling for yourself? Get involved with Student Action.
Volunteering is often seen as something for “do-gooders” or something that will “look good on your C.V.” While the latter is partly true, ask most people who do voluntary work about its benefits and they will express its true benefits.

Volunteering gives you the chance to use your own skills to help people and/or the community, whilst forming friendships with people you would not normally meet. These friendships can be lifelong and really enhance YOUR life as well as the lives of those you help.


Student Action is a great place to volunteer, as it is volunteering tailored to your needs.


You simply sign up to help out on one of our weekly projects as and when you want to. You don’t have to commit on a regular basis, so if you have a busy period, we won’t have any expectations of you. Our opportunities cover a wide spectrum of areas.
Outreach project


You can help learning disabled adults by taking them out and helping them to socialize and do things they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do (such as go bowling!). There are projects aimed at offering help, advice, food and drink to the many homeless people in Manchester, who often through no fault of their own, have been forgotten by society in general.


Halloween elderly party 2010


You can help local kids from homeless refuges giving them the opportunity to do “normal” kids activities, or help local elderly residents by spending time with them, helping them do their shopping or even throwing a party for them! With other opportunities available on environmental, refugee, after-school club, women’s’ refuge projects, the number of opportunities available is amazing.


Moreover, if we don’t do run a project that you feel there’s a need for, we’ll help you set one up. What more could you ask for!


To find out more and get involved head over to the Student Action website: or e mail: [email protected]



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