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7th May 2012

Not like the movies

Surprise, surprise real life doesn’t have a Hollywood ending


One fated evening during the Easter break, I ended up sharing a couple of bottles of wine with my friend…and then a bed. Oops.

The main problem with this is that the friend in question is not just any old friend, but in fact my best friend of over five years. We have, quite literally, grown up together. So, not only is it extremely awkward, it’s also border line incestuous.

Although I vaguely remember us promising each other that it wouldn’t be weird in the morning, it was. I made a hasty exit, all the while contemplating whether I was horrified by the event a) because it was a giant mistake, or b) because I was now hoping for a One Day-esque romance.

After eleven long, painful days of silence, I realised that I was going to have to be the one to break the ice. Playing it safe with a ‘Hi, how are you?’ text, I felt fairly confident that he would have the decency to reply and that we could at last laugh this misdemeanour off. Unfortunately, I was wrong. That was three days ago and I still have yet to receive a reply.

So there we have it, all that stuff about your best friend being the ideal person to date is a load of rubbish. Do not be fooled by the fairytale endings in the movies; you will be disappointed. Instead of sweeping you off your feet, your friend might just have a fully fledged heart attack and never speak to you again.

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