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Style Icons or Style Crisis?

TV shows and films are renowned for their fantasy worlds. Superheroes, vampires and wizards challenge reality. But when unconventional outfits are worn by characters who are supposed to live in the real world, the viewer is left either baffled or inspired. Whether entertaining or setting trends, these characters make us question the endless possibilities of dressing with artistic licence. Spanning the last 30 years of film fashion, here is a list of the best through to the worst and the geniality to the absurdity.

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl– see featured image): Their extravagant outfits reflect their extravagant lifestyles. Expected to dress to impress and to wear the latest designs, their outfits can never be described as boring. Rejecting conventional school uniform, they pioneer a more innovative school style, which includes clashing brightly coloured socks, ruffled blouses and silk ties. These girls do not shy away from experimenting, yet they manage to avoid the terrible mistakes often made by other film characters.


Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City): Confused about her age and sometimes gender, her outfits are rarely within the boundaries of the norm, nor suitable for the occasion. Striding shamelessly down a New York sidewalk, shopping bags in hand, Carrie wore a gold prom dress and fur jacket. Despite claiming to be a ‘normal gal’ her brave fashion choices hardly reflect the average New York street style. Carrie reputes conformism yet beams with self-confidence. It is this carefree attitude which is so inspiring; helping to make her one of the most influential on screen fashion icons of the last twenty years.


Eddie and Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous): Perhaps the least inspirational of TV stars, these two ladies present a very flamboyant image of British Fashion. Eddie and Patsy’s costumes were designed to entertain rather than inspire. Taking fashion trends 5 steps too far, Eddie and Patsy put the fun into fashion. Patsy’s polka dot coat and Eddie’s snakeskin trouser suit were as outrageous in the 90s as they are now yet we cannot help but enjoy the fun and frivolity of their unique style.


Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic): Addicted to shopping, her wardrobe is bulging with items in every shade of pink imaginable. Full of colour and volume, her outfits reach the extent of being ridiculous. Daring and bold colours, textures and prints, her outfits are fun and eye-catching. However her style is less respected than other film characters and it is less likely that her style is seen replicated on the high street.

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