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50 Shades of Fallowfield: the conclusion

This lecture seems to be going on forever. I can barely concentrate on anything but my aching thighs. I still can’t believe that even after two steamy nights together, the Adonis hasn’t tried to contact me. My inner goddess is extremely pissed off and I tell myself that I shall refuse to give into his advances if there is a next time.

I wander out of the lecture in the Chemistry Building in a complete daze. The next thing I know, I walk into someone and drop all of my books. Wow, as smooth as always. Embarrassed, I immediately crouch down to pick up my belongings. As I look up, I recognise the bulge in those familiar chinos and realise that it’s him I bumped into. My heartbeat quickens. I try to avoid eye contact, but he’s crouching down too, handing me my notebook. There is a look in his eye that tells me that there will be a next time after all…

Suddenly his hand grips mine and he’s dragging me with force through the crowds of students. I have no idea where we’re going, but my stomach begins to churn with excitement and my palms begin to sweat.

We’re darting into the library.

‘It’s much quieter in here since the new learning commons opened,’ he grins at me.

We rush into the elevator and the tension becomes too much. I want him to take me right here, right now. I am desperate for his touch. I push him against the wall and we’re kissing insistently, his hand caressing my butt cheeks. I feel his hard pecker brushing against me and I groan. The lift comes to a halt at Blue 2 and we walk out, dishevelled.

He places his hand on my lower back and directs me towards the end of the Chemistry section. We resume kissing between two rows of books, his hands urgently running up and down my body. My drenched clam is all too ready for his skilled touch. Before I know it, he grabs me by the waist and puts me to stand on a stool. His thick fingers are inside me before I even have a chance to look around for people, or to check for mice. I undo the zip of his chinos to release the live beast. I run my hand up and down the hard shaft and we both cry out with pleasure simultaneously. Books are flying off the shelves but we don’t care – we just need to reach the end of the experiment.

Our cocoon of lust is broken when we hear the judgemental gasp of a cleaner. Flushed and frustrated, we unravel ourselves. As I’m trying to tame my dishevelled hair, he grabs my hand again.

‘I know somewhere else we can go,’ he whispers.

By the time I’ve managed to swipe myself out of the library, we’re at a run, heading towards the Students Union. He leads me up the stairs and to the conveniently gender neutral toilets.

He grabs me by the waist and I wrap my legs around his middle as he pushes us both into the cubicle, locking it behind us. He practically rips my knickers off – thank God they’re not the Hello Kitty. He thrusts violently inside my eager cave and I cannot contain myself, as a shriek escapes my mouth.

As the thrusts become quicker and harder, I begin to scream loudly and I know I’m nearly there. His groans become louder telling me that he’s close too. As we reach a mind shattering orgasm, we’re both panting loudly like dogs. I crumble into his arms.

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