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Top 5: Immortal fashion pieces

My annual spring clean is underway, and as a result I can’t get in my bedroom due to overflowing drawers. Having realised that I haven’t worn half of the items strewn across my floor, I am going to make a resolution. Never again will I fritter away my student loan on clothes that go out of fashion before I’ve managed to get out of the shop. I will be sensible(ish) and invest in fashion that doesn’t have an expiry date. Then, with the pennies that I save I’ll buy champagne and Lindt chocolates. Sounds good doesn’t it. Right, so let’s have a look at the 5 pieces which will always look good, regardless of the decade.

1. LBD

If you don’t own a little black dress, you seriously need to rethink your principles. It’s sexy, demure, classic basically it is everything you will ever need. Don’t know what to wear on a night out? Cue the LBD. Feel like wearing something pretty whilst you shovel ice cream into your face during the cold, lonely nights? LBD! Do you understand the point I’m trying to hammer home girls? If you don’t own one, buy one.

2. Red Lipstick

It really is amazing what a coat of the red stuff can do. In mere seconds your whole look is transformed. This Tom Ford shade is my absolute favourite – it’s worth the investment just for the thrill of skipping down Market Street with a designer bag swinging at your side. Make sure that you never leave your precious lippy unattended, however. I learnt the hard way that little sisters don’t understand what Tom Ford means, and think it’s funny to smudge it across their faces. Yes, four years on and I’m still holding a grudge.

3. Leather Jacket  

You can hardly tell the difference between faux leather and the real thing these days, which is great news on two fronts. Firstly, we save a cow. Secondly, we save some dollar. Every high street store has a variety of jackets to offer, but for me Zara is the winner. The simple design will ensure that you still love your leather friend in years to come.

4. Black Heels

Finding the perfect pair of black heels is so difficult, it’s actually a joke. Earlier this year I lost one of my long-standing favorites whilst socializing in Manchester (don’t ask). Since that heartbreaking evening, I have marched into town on three separate occasions, determined to find a new pair. I didn’t have any luck, and ended up knocking back pricey cappuccinos in a desperate attempt to cheer myself up. Eventually I resorted to the internet because, frankly, my bank balance can’t afford any more high-end coffee. And look what I have found! The perfect pair of black heels. Thank you Dorothy Perkins.


A little optimistic on a student budget, yes. But you’ve got to take Shirley Bassey’s word for it on this one – diamonds are forever. When the glorious day arrives, and you are partnered with a big shiny rock your immortal fashion collection will be complete.


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