2nd May 2014

The Benefits of Boutiques

Natalie Proctor explains the benefits of boutique shopping and how to get 20% off Withington’s most fashionable hidden gem

Sometimes it can be hard to bring yourself to fork out just that little bit extra for great clothes, even when you love them. Particularly as students, it feels wrong to spend £20 on a shirt when you refuse to buy anything other than basics for your weekly food shop. However, perhaps it’s actually more economical to splash out on a ‘piece’ rather than eternally buying duller replicas of the style your searching for from the high street. After all, how many pairs of cheap jeans do we go through before we realise it’s time to get the real deal?

We are lucky here in Manchester; we have all the big shops in the centre, which is perfect for the efficient bulk-buyer, but many of us never dare to venture out in search for unique and great quality clothes. We have them on our doorstep! In Didsbury and Withington boutiques are really the only clothes shops on the whole street, which gives the shopper a chance to see what many independent brands have to offer.

Aside from the fact that buying one beautiful dress over several almost right look-a-likes, is probably better value for money – boutique shopping is great for many reasons. Not least of which, is the likelihood that you won’t find someone else turning up to the pub in the same Topshop blouse that you just bought! Because of the small production, boutiques often stock some interesting pieces; which are unique and maybe a bit more daring. And university is the perfect time to experiment with your style!

Although you pay a little more, this also means that you will only buy clothes you truly love. How many of us have drawers full to the brim with clothes we seemed to buy almost solely based on the fact that they were cheap? And with spring almost here, perhaps you can restock your wardrobe with items that you simply can’t wait to wear – and more importantly, wear again. You can rid your wardrobe of the clutter that you know deep down you never quite liked, and start again with unique, great quality and beautiful boutique attire.

For 20% off Mockingbirds boutique in Withington, all you have to do is answer this question:

‘Max Azria designed the fashion label BCBG, but what do the initials BCBG stand for?’

Please email your answer to: [email protected] and we’ll send you the discount!

But HURYY because the discount only last between Mon 5th- Fri 9th May!

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