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Trick or Treat?


When I think of Halloween fashion, the words ‘black’ and ‘lace’ immediately spring to mind. And combined, I believe they epitomise the ideal clothing marriage. Another perfect element to add to this duo is the online shopping haven we all know as ASOS, and its endless supply of clothing. If you’re not looking to go all out in crazy fancy dress, then we believe ASOS has the perfect combination of black lace garments that if accessorised in the right way, will make you look effortlessly fashionable.
This ASOS Victoriana Lace and Organza Top can be perfectly combined with an A-line skirt—as shown in the image, or even a pair of your finest black jeans. The sheer and lace elements provide just enough skin on show, whilst the high-neck adds a little extra high-end fashionability. Again, an item that can be worn over again to suit any occasion and at only £36.00, the price tag isn’t too much for your student budget. We’re all willing to spend that bit extra on Halloween! An up-do really shows off the detail and adds some sleek simplicity to the overall outfit, but feel free to add your own twist or wacky hairstyle if you’re feeling adventurous!



Photo: asos.com

Photo: asos.com

Conversely, I do understand that some of you want to go that extra mile and stand out from the crowd. ASOS have spoilt us with this midi-skirt that adds a sense of class to a crazy evening. Whether you are pairing this skirt with some scarily-drawn face paint, or subtly adding a few accessories to the attire, you will be sure to catch a few eyes. The skirt can be found on ASOS’ online transactional website for £55.00—and therefore, may be considered as more of a one-off purchase. However, post-Halloween, I can see the evidently intricate skirt toned-down with a minimalistic top and a delicate necklace. It’s also a perfect length for the coming colder months! Don’t be afraid to embrace the Halloween trends that the high-street has to offer—after all, it’s only Halloween once a year.

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