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Monster mash

Halloween: one of the best nights of the year. Everyone makes an effort, everyone gets drunk, and everyone has fun. But what about us poor students who can’t afford an extravagant costume? Fear not, I am here to help. Here are some super easy and quick tips on how to make costumes from everyday items.


To make a bat costume all you need is some dark clothing, bin bags and cardboard. Make cardboard bat ears that can be pinned to your head or attached to a hairband. Cut-out black bin bags can be attached to wrists and shoulders to make bat wings. Cardboard ears can be used to transform yourself into any animal, including the superstitious black cat. You can also stuff a pair of black tights and attach to a belt to make a wonderful tail. This tight trick could also be used to make spiders legs!

Cut bone shapes out of paper and attach them to an all-black outfit with safety pins. This is where your medic friends may come in handy!

Bin bags to the rescue again! This item can transform almost any outfit. Again, dark clothes are probably the most fitting for the spooky theme. Simply cut out a cape from the bin bags. Job’s a good’un.

Fake blood
You can make fake blood to stain your clothes and create fake injuries with. This is perfect for zombies or vampires.
You will need: Plain flour, water, red food colouring, 1 tsp of instant coffee. The quantity of ingredients isn’t important, as it depends on how much fake blood you want to make. Boil some water in a pan, then sieve in some flour. Next, add the red food colouring. Finally add the coffee to the hot mixture and stir.


These may not be the most original Halloween outfits you will ever wear, but they have got to be some of the cheapest! Accessorize your look with some pale make-up, heavy eye-liner and dark lipstick to achieve the gothic feel. With these handy tips, you don’t need to think about your Halloween outfit until the night!

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