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7th November 2014

Top 5: Tech-cessories

Adrienne Galloway is all about the fashionable yet technologically savvy accessories


Marc Jacobs Phone Case, Photo: Selfridges

1. Phone case
Scratched phones are a thing of the past. Having a case can protect your phone from shock damage, and companies such as LifeProof specialise in keeping your phone protected in extreme weather conditions. The fashion industry has recognised that dropping your phone unexpectedly can hurt a little less if it’s in a case. Almost everyone has invested in this little beauty.


Laptop case, Photo: Cath Kidston

2. Laptop sleeve
It’s not that attractive lugging round a massive laptop bag. Having your laptop protected can now be savvy and practical. Why not invest in a heavily padded laptop sleeve that is just as effective and can fit cosily into a handbag? Sleeves provide lightweight protection and a little fashionable lift.


Laptop skin, Photo:

3. Laptop skin and snap cases
Itching to personalise your laptop without damaging its casing? Laptop skins are affordable and can be personalised with any photo from your album. Stickers are great when it comes to making your laptop funky and by using a snap case you can protect the shell from scratching and avoid sticker damage.


Rose gold headphones, Photo: Urban Outfitters

4. Headphones
In this modern age, a lot of time is spent on public transport—to me this means a lot of time spent wearing headphones listening to my favourite tracks. High street outlets such as Urban Outfitters have teamed up with Frends Taylor to sell super comfy, memory foam cushioned headphones. The interchangeable caps are also great to match your mood or outfit.

Mini speakers, Photo:

5. Mini speakers
These mini speakers are compatible with all iPods, smartphones and mp3 players—which makes them perfect for getting ready on nights out. Weighing only 50g, their compact size is ideal for carrying in hand luggage on vacations.

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