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Photo: Sankeys

Club: Sanction @ Sankeys

31st January



Entering a completely rammed Sankeys, the heat and sweat made a stark change from the cold outisde. The 18 to 30-year-old crowd were happily trapped like sardines.

Kane Law gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. His set featured many of his own bass-heavy house productions. His ‘Bugatti’ Bootleg went down a treat with its industrial synth samples and tech-house structure. The live versions of his tracks definitely stand out with extra vocal effects and samples either being triggered live or mixed in. Signed to Audio Rehab & Warner Chappell this DJ/Producer is one to watch. The focus is definitely on the music, with no MC or complicated lighting distracting him. The calmer and simpler sections of his tracks work well, allowing the crowd time to breathe before that bass comes back in force.

The impression he gave was of someone who has studied his catalogue and practised extensively. He is very smooth: moving from one dark thumping groove to another effortlessly with vocal samples laid over the top help develop the appeal. The best vocal sample of his set was a slowed down male voice: “My old man write me a letter from prison once… he said if you don’t want to end up like me stay away from crime, women and drugs.”

DJ Zinc has been making electronic music since the early 90s. We have him to thank for incredible tracks such as ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ & ‘138 Trek’ which are usually played somewhere in most UK DnB, Jungle, Grime and Garage sets. His set was more ambitious than Kane Law’s incorporating many genres, rhythms and sounds that were expertly beat-matched. His Soundcloud page features twenty one-hour plus mixes titled “trust me I was there” which are a year-by-year guide to what he was listening to.

Yasmin’s set featured bass-heavy house party anthems. Samples from Dead Prez, M.O.P. and Super Mario were not lost on the crowd. Hopefully next time she will play a set longer than an hour.

Despite the slowly-moving queues to every destination—dancefloors, toilet, bar and patio—it was a good night out.

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