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3rd March 2015

Campus Style Guide

From North campus to Samuel Alexander, Sarah Kilcourse takes us on a style safari of our very own university

Brunswick Street:

Home to many of Manchester’s science students, the Brunswick Street style is focused on practicality. These are people who stand up in labs for long periods, people who actually spend eight hours of the day at University—people who require comfort. Trainers and hiking boots are almost mandatory for the residents of Brunswick Street if they are to make it through the day. Another vital part of their attire is a University of Manchester hoodie, T-shirt or if you’re going the extra mile, varsity jacket. A friend of mine (a physics student) described the typical Brunswick inhabitant’s style as: “I shop at Next.” Admittedly, there are those on Brunswick Street who favour a different look: The simple style, often involving branded clothing (Levi’s, Hollister or Vans) that is equally comfortable, but a bit more… style conscious.

Samuel Alexander:

Arguably, this is the most fashionable part of the university—it certainly tries to be. There are a greater variety styles on show in the Sam Alex building compared to other areas. Some of the staple characters include: The Topshop girl—she buys everything from the ‘New In’ section online; Secondhand chic—formerly known as ‘hipster’ but has become too popular for that title now—expect oversized everything and a flashback to the 90s; the Fashionistas—they probably have a blog, and accessories are their best friend. Safe to say there is no dress code in the Samuel Alexander building, wear whatever you like, you’re an Arts student and the world needs to know!

North Campus:

I cannot deny that the North Campus is an enigma to me—a place I have heard tales of but never visited. From what I have heard, it is mainly home to an eclectic mix of engineers with textile science students. Nevertheless I do know some engineers. Generally, I would categorise the engineer style as practical but preppy, as similar to the Brunswick Street residents, engineers have a large amount of contact hours. Unlike Brunswick Street though, the majority of students wear branded or logo-ed clothing, aligning themselves with the image of a select few brands. North Campus does not play host to many female students, automatically reducing the variety of looks on show but the female engineer is casual and a good pair of skinny jeans is a must.

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