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27th April 2015

What does your ASOS order history say about you?

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch indulges in some fashion reminiscence with a little help from her ASOS order history

What was the first thing you bought online? Back in 2009 mine was a pink and red polkadot bikini. This pre-holiday emergency buy was only thrown out last summer when after a good few years of service and a long stint of lounging in my underwear drawer, the elastic finally gave up.

If you’re as much of a clothes nerd as me you might well remember precisely which item it was that first inspired you to click buy, to type in your details and wait excitedly for the parcel of digital dreams come true to be delivered into your arms. But if not, your ASOS order history is here to help. I am assuming, that as the first of its kind, the online affordable fashion retailing giant will be where most people first went clothes shopping in cyberspace.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of sunglasses from ASOS (well two actually, I need to try before I buy!) and while checking that my order had gone through I noticed my list of previous buys and my curiosity was piqued. Except for the polka dot bikini which I knew was my first, I couldn’t call to mind any of the other items I had purchased during my nearly six years as a serious online shopper. So I settled myself on the sofa and took a sartorial step back in time.

To my surprise, I found it was a strangely emotional experience. Not that I was sobbing over last summer’s sandals or anything, but more that I could see the clothes I’d bought for sixth form; an awkward and unsure mix of pencil skirts and floral shirts I’ve long since thrown out. I could see a dress bought for my Leavers’ Ball which I then wore to my sister’s graduation and is so great I’m probably going to wear it to my own in a few months time. I saw flurries of purchases from when I’d decided I was done with my style and needed a wardrobe overhaul. And the fact that you can see—admittedly tiny—images of your purchases only helps to ramp up the nostalgia factor. From celebratory buys to pick-me-up purchases, from fashion landmarks to throwaway fads, this was more than a style journey, this was a little piece of my personal history.

So if you’re looking for a little procrastination inspiration and repeatedly refreshing Instagram has gotten old, take a look at your online order histories and say hello to the fashion hallmarks of a former self.

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