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28th April 2015

Summer shoe edit

Kassi Allcock picks her favourite SS15 footwear

Let’s start simple—the classic ballet pump. Definitely not too adventurous, and a safe option for any foot-o-phobes out there. I’m sure that most of us already own a staple pair of black pumps that we can wear all year round; summer gives us the chance to branch out and really make our shoes the focus of our outfit. With a current obsession with all things metallic (please tell me I’m not alone here…), these beautiful silver ballet flats are a definite must have for your summer shoe wardrobe.

Topshop, £26

Continuing with the metallic look, these gold tassel loafers are another necessity for the coming months. Loafers are the ultimate multi-purpose shoes—they can dress up an outfit and are even appropriate for a job interview, but their androgynous appeal means they can also be used to dress down an outfit. Worn with a pair of ripped skinny black jeans and a classic white tee, you will look the epitome of simplistic style.

Asos, £32

If you’re lucky enough to be going on an overseas escape, you’ll be in need of some good old-fashioned flip-flops or sandals. Although they’re generally worn for comfort and ease more than fashion, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t trade in your Primarni pair for something a bit more upmarket. These brown leather sandals are simple, yet much more aesthetically pleasing—they’re especially amazing for all of us that despise having a plastic thong separating our toes.

Zara, £19.99

Although sandals are the perfect shoe when on vacation, not everybody is comfortable with that amount of foot exposure whilst still here in England. Want to show off your pedicure in the Summer sun without going the full monty? Try this gorgeous pair of open-toed sandals instead, revealing just the right amount of foot. Sporting a weather-appropriate shade of coral, I have definitely just added this pair to my ASOS wish-list. Who am I kidding? Somebody give me the nudge to press ‘buy’…

Asos, £22

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