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Club: High Hoops presents DJ Sprinkles

15th May


“Music is usually one of the least interesting things about clubs” said Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles to The Guardian last year. She rails against faceless club culture, charging her music with sociological and psychological themes. Deep house musically, but in a philosophical sense as well.

It’s a special event, then, that High Hoops have booked the renowned DJ for the first time in Manchester. Sprinkles steps up at 1am and proceeds to inspire an atmosphere of joyous community to those assembled in Roadhouse with some achingly beautiful deep house sounds.

Selecting the likes of her Adultnapper remix ‘Low Point On High Ground (Rock Bottom mix)’, it’s not a set that inspires wild euphoric movement, and that’s the point. Instead, the piano chords resonate through the room, producing a more deep-rooted emotional connect.

The crowd is affected beyond sonically induced limb reflex, but that’s not to say this is lacking. Sprinkles’s selections are very danceable, punctuated by subtle but driving bass notes that keep the room moving.

Sprinkles maintains this atmosphere throughout her three hour set, marking tonight as one of the most unique clubbing experiences I’ve had.

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