26th October 2015

Fall favourites for fellows

Sit back and pour yourself a warm, soothing drink as The Mancunion’s Fashion and Beauty department’s latest signing, Kyle Zabawa, talks you through his five autumn favourites for 2015, live and in full Technicolor

With temperatures dropping to below that of even my bitter old heart, and as the campus foliage begins to lose its chartreuse tinges in favour of more chestnut tones, there is no better time than autumn to add some new pieces to well and truly spice up your wardrobe (and life).

As an aspiring house-husband of Cheshire, with a penchant for style as refined as that of Shania Twain’s preferences for a suitor, it is both an honour and a privilege to impart but a soupçon of sartorial goodness to you in the format of the following five, fun-sized featurettes.

(NB did Shania—I’d like to think that we’re on first name terms—ever find out what does impress her much? Answers on a postcard to 1998, please. Thank you in advance).

1. A most marvellous mac

If, like me, you have grown bored of last year’s furry-hooded, waterproof parka, then fear not, for this next item is sure to add a touch of on-trend, 1930s art deco to your outerwear. In terms of palette, we’re waving goodbye to summer brights and saying hello to neutral, rusted shades such as burnt sienna and cocoa. And what better way to embrace the colours of the season than with this lightweight, yet structured, double-breasted mac, courtesy of River Island? Military chic has once again proved popular on the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan (and even Manchester) for AW15. An extraordinarily versatile piece, wear this coat belted in cooler climes or leave it open for those last few days of late summer sun.

It is also of note that, as of 2008, River Island has been a supporter of the ETI Code (that’s ‘ethical trading initiative’ to you and I), giving you the piece of mind that your new coat is an ethically-considered purchase.

Photo: River Island


2. All olive everything?

Whether at a party for two or even ‘in da club’, incorporate some dark green-hued fabrics into your ensembles this autumn. Olive (think a timeless, versatile, earth-toned green) is predicted to be everywhere this season, so make sure to invest now in pieces that will see you right through from the serotinal months and beyond. I’m suggesting a long-sleeved polo as an easily achievable eye-catching addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Photo: ASOS


3. “It’s okay to put your foot in it, as long as you’re wearing fabulous shoes” – Real Housewife of Cheshire Lauren Simon 

As much as it pains this writer to admit, autumn is the time to unfortunately retire those delicate, suede tasseled loafers you sported all summer in favour of comfortable and enduring leather boots. However, when this next pair of shoes caught my eye in an ASOS flash sale (sign up for their emails by the way, they will hook you up with bargains you didn’t even know that you deserved) it was love at first sight. If gaudy leathers aren’t quite your cup of tea, then similar style dress slippers in more muted, subdued colours are my recommendation to you. Needless to say, I shall not be sporting these emblems of regalia during my thrice-weekly commute from Piccadilly station on to campus anytime soon, but I am saving them for my next rendezvous with my partners in crime back home.

Photo: ASOS


4. Let’s get aromatic this autumn

Picture the scene. Soft, white sands. Pure, celestial waves delicately breaking along a charming shoreline. Golden rays of sunshine glittering down from the heavens above. Sprawling cliffs and dunes as far as the eye can see… blissful isn’t it? If, not unlike myself, you find yourself drawn to anything even remotely nautical, this fragrance is a joy for the senses. Clean yet masculine and with base notes of aromatic, evergreen sage and a heart note of sea salt, you and everyone who comes into close contact with this whimsical scent can be, at once, subconsciously transported to a Utopian beach retreat. Memories of summer may be just a spritz away thanks to Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne.

Photo: Selfridges


5. “Oud” have thought I’d be able to make a pun out of a candle?

Although I am indeed fully aware that one cannot sensibly wear a candle, for the metrosexual of 2015, my next recommendation is a must.

Housed intricately in signature smoked black glass, the incense from this luxuriously decadent Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Candle is divinely rich and warm-heartedly woody. Just in case you needed any more convincing that this product has the potential to change your life for the better, some wider reading (a.k.a. a Google search) seems to suggest that the Agarwood included in the oil of this candle (the most expensive wood in the world by the way, for the timber experts amongst us) was frequently used, inter alia, within medieval medicine for the treatment of colds and flu.

Alas, don’t catapult your Lemsip Max sachets into your nearest bin just yet, because this candle does carry a hefty price tag. For this reason (and because student loans define the notion of ‘squeezing every penny’), I’ve located a more budget friendly ‘dupe’ version of this product—namely, ‘Oud Oasis’ by Yankee Candle.

Photo: Selfridges


Final Thoughts

And so ends this whistle-stop tour of modern day consumerism at its finest. Until next time, don’t forget to let us know what products you are loving this autumn over at our social media links.

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