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8th March 2016

All that glitters…

Sophie Soar gives her verdict on the best of this season’s London Fashion Week, noting a common magpie-like penchant for glitter, that we can expect for the season to come…

… is gold. Another LFW has flown by, with the trends set in place for Autumn/Winter 2016. Designers showcased their finest cuts, colours and materials across the five days; but while thousands of outfits were shown, the buyers, journalists and dedicated followers were interested in one thing: what works, what sells and what the wearer wants.

As a self-confessed magpie, my weakness is glitter, jewels and sparkling sequins. The details mesmerise and designers are no fools to their enchanting quality. Like an entrancing rash across the catwalks, designers from Burberry to Erdem caught the infection.

SIBLING provided an athletic knitwear interpretation, using glitter wool in hooded tops alongside shimmering accessories from earmuffs to helmets. Alternatively, David Koma’s bedazzling was less subtle than that of SIBLING, revealing a netted top with a jewelled chest. This chainmail resemblance further extended into the skirts of dresses, complemented with sheer material; strength and delicacy combined into one.

However, this season, all eyes were on Sarah Burton’s return to London with Alexander McQueen’s dazzling new collection. The show started with flowing dresses that scatter butterflies across the body and hard-edged tailoring styled with body chains. The latter looks developed into sheer material with intricate detailing of jewels sparsely covering the body. The dresses seem barely there, until the shimmer of jewels showcase Burton’s brilliance.

The trend reached overseas, too: Dolce and Gabbana’s grand finale at MFW displayed the label’s elegant decadence as the models sauntered down the catwalk in glittering silver, baby-and hot- pink dresses; the collars brandished the designers’ iconic jewellery, with a gentle netting at the base of the neck.

Undoubtedly, my personal favourite would be Eudon Choi’s silver boots, with striking merlot red suede down the heel counter. Metallic footwear extended across many of the runway shows and as a result has firmly placed their shining foot in the door: this is a trend to stay.

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