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17th March 2016

Q&A: Eton Messy

Off the launch of their label and their compilation release, Eton Messy had a quick chat with us in the lead up to their secret warehouse show in Manchester

Eton Messy has become a lot of things, from throwing parties, to being a record label, to having a hit Youtube channel; which do you see Eton Messy as first and foremost and how did it start out?

It’s important to point out that the reason we are where we are today is because of our Youtube channel. The music and artists we support/share is a huge priority to us. The Youtube channel is what comes first.

Having turned Eton Messy into all of these different things, what do you envision for the future of the brand, do you see yourselves taking it further?

I think that’s it for us. It was fun while it lasted!!! Only joking.

Near the end of last year another curator channel similar to yours, Majestic Casual, was temporarily shut down to copyright issues. Did your channel run into any similar issues that you had to deal with and how have you avoided a similar fate?

We’ve always made an effort to get permissions on all uploads and images along with making sure that everyone gets credited. Once your channel is gone it’s very hard to come back!

The Manchester stop looks to be a bit of a special show for the ‘All Night Long’ tour, could you tell us more about what you have planned and why you decided to choose Manchester for the special show?

We’ve been talking about the idea for ages as DJing has become a really important thing for both of us. In terms of Manchester, we’ve always had such an incredible time and the crowds have always been top, so we thought it would be the perfect place to road test the idea.

Your shows usually end up being a showcase for the new talent in the deep house/future garage sound that you guys are pushing, are there any new up and comers you are eyeing up to feature on the label or in future shows that we should be watching out for?

Obviously we don’t want to give too much away but we are about to drop a new track on the label from Ten Ven, which is getting amazing feedback at the moment. We can’t wait to show everyone it, may even hear it on Saturday! We featured a track of his on our first compilation last year so to get him in for a full on release is really exciting!

Eton Messy are playing in Manchester on the 19th of March at a Secret Warehouse Location for a special laser live show as a stop of their ‘All Night Long’ tour.

Tickets available here on Resident Advisor.

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