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14th April 2016

TEDx Conference to be Held at the University of Manchester

TedX will returning to the University of Manchester for the day on Saturday 16th April with an ‘Infinite Possibilities’ lecture series

TEDxUniversityOfManchester will be returning to the University of Manchester campus on Saturday 16th April with a day-long conference titled ‘Infinite Possibilities’. The popular TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks operate under the tagline “Ideas Worth Sharing” and their short, snappy yet informative approach has proved to be extremely popular with experts and the general public alike.

This event is intended to create an “immersive and engaging” day for everyone attending and the organisers hope that their guests have the credentials to enable this.

Steve Rawling, the first speaker of the day, has over 25 years of experience in the media industry and is currently a ‘creative leadership programme trainer’ for the BBC. He is known as the “Infinite Storyteller” for his gift of the gab and his role is to train media professionals to develop a similar talent. Steve’s talk will aim to show people “how to be more creative” and to “inspire, motivate and influence” his audience.

Ash Dykes, 25, is a modern-day explorer and experienced motivational speaker and has survived extreme conditions over the course of his travels. From trekking solo across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to more recently travelling through the jungles of Madagascar on foot, he has seen more adventure by age 25 than most people will in a lifetime. His lecture will discuss these daredevil journeys in a session named “Ash Dykes: Against the Odds.”

M J Hyland is a novelist, essayist and current lecturer at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester. She will also be speaking as a guest, on her experience with the incurable condition multiple sclerosis. After her diagnosis with the disease in 2008, Hyland began to attempt to raise awareness of it through multiple media channels, including radio interviews and magazine articles. She has also published numerous highly successful fiction and non-fiction works on the subject, several of which have been shortlisted for prestigious prizes.

These accredited guests are just three of the speakers that have been announced so far—there are several more to come and extra information will be released over the next week.

Tickets will be released at 12pm on Saturday 9th April and are expected to sell out very quickly—over 4,000 people have registered interest on Facebook alone. The venue has been confirmed as Rise, 235 Deansgate in Manchester and further details of the day will be provided with the tickets.

For more information, search “TEDxUniversityOfManchester – Infinite Possibilities” or to buy tickets visit


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