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15th April 2016

Fashion face off: Denim vs Leather

We have all had to make that decision, so which side are you on? Kathryn Murray discusses the two staple choices for spring jackets

There are two types of people in the world: those who wear denim jackets and those who wear leather jackets. What about those people who have both jackets I hear you ask? Well, those people are kidding themselves.  Harsh, I know, but true. If you are one of these deluded people, then you should take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate your fashion choices.

Yes, you may own both a leather jacket and a denim jacket. But let’s be realistic here, we both know you wear one of those 80% of the time and the other one is saved for those days where you can’t find your first choice or you spilt last night’s kebab down its front so have had to resort to your second option. (Note: a denim shirt is not the same as a denim jacket and is more comparable to a checked shirt which is another way to divide the fashion masses.)

So which category do you fall under? Are you a fan of a reliable, punk style leather jacket? Or perhaps you prefer a sturdy yet classic denim jacket? Either way you can congratulate yourself for making such a momentous decision in your life, even if it was a subconscious one.

It is a common misconception that denim jackets are more spring/summer and leather jackets are more autumn/ spring. But times have changed. Leather jackets aren’t always black, denim jackets aren’t always blue, and season trends aren’t determined by dark colours and light colours. Both materials are of the same weight, they can be cool and light. Both can be smart, or casual. Both have the same amount of water resistance, because let’s be honest, a leather jacket still doesn’t have a hood so its waxy coating is redundant. Both jackets are perfect for a winter to spring transition. But which do you prefer?


Denim jackets have been making a comeback for a few years now. Once a taboo in the world of fashion, double denim is now accepted and even embraced by the trendy crowd which is working in the denim jackets favour. Perhaps people are running with the vintage look or perhaps we have just discovered how amazing it is to have an easily washable jacket, but either way; denim is back and in a big way. Oversized and preferably Levi, denim jackets can be seen everywhere. Flung over a cute floral summer dress, or paired with some strategically ripped shorts, the denim jacket can help to provide warmth and style on a spring day.

Photo: Asos
Jack Wills Jacket £69.50


I am a hard core member of the leather jacket tribe. I bought my first one at 13 and have never looked back. I must admit that I haven’t ventured from the black biker jacket, apart from a mild flirtation with a cream leather jacket which now sits sadly unworn in my wardrobe, price tag on and all.  To me, a leather jacket is always a safe option. It is smart, but cool, gives an edge to every outfit, and goes with everything. I wish I was adventurous enough to go for a nice teal or hot pink leather look, but alas, I can’t pluck up the courage. The rock-chick foundation has carried as the jacket has matured. Over a dress on a night out, paired with a fine knit jumper on a spring day, or even over your pj’s on a supermarket run; a leather jacket is the missing piece to any fashion puzzle.

Photo: Asos
Goldie Jacket £65

So there we have it, our two contenders in the spring jacket final.

Who wins? You decide.

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