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Where do sneakers stand in 2023?

Where do sneakers stand in 2023?

The sneaker/ trainer industry has a strong grip over the street style economy and influence. We reviewed Kikikickz’s ‘Sneaker Obsession: A peak into the weird and wonderful sneakerverse’ to find out why and where the sneaker-verse is going next.
Why do students love to look like skaters?

Why do students love to look like skaters?

What is skater style and why has it become so popular for students in this decade?
Balletcore: Reclaiming femininity

Balletcore: Reclaiming femininity

Elegance, grace and femininity have always been attributed to ballet. We examine how ballet performance wear is being reinmagined to promote female empowerment
Personal style vs. following trends – what’s more important?

Personal style vs. following trends – what’s more important?

In an age of such swift social and technological advancements, the fashion options young people are bombarded with are more than plentiful. And thus a battle between what suits their personal style and what is on trend ensues.
How long will we ‘BeReal’ for?: The rise of trending new app

How long will we ‘BeReal’ for?: The rise of trending new app

Everyone on campus seems to have BeReal at the moment, so we explore why the app is so popular, and how long it is likely to last
Gloves, corsets and ballet flats: Bridgerton season two

Gloves, corsets and ballet flats: Bridgerton season two

With the upcoming series of Bridgerton, we look at the possible trends that may come from it
Our favourite shops on Depop

Our favourite shops on Depop

Whether you’er desperate for an item or looking to treat yourself, check out these hot shops on Depop!

Being called a Brat has never felt so good

Blast from the past or fashion icon?

Trend renaissance

Fashion designers are constantly producing new styles to parade along our runways and our high streets but in the midst of all these original ideas we see the circulation of some old classics, writes Jenny Knowles

It’s time to dress fancy

Choosing what to wear for you graduation or summer ball is a daunting task, but as shops start to receive there occasion wear we offer a few tips for Spring Summer 17

Fashion Class of 2016

Congratulations! You have survived another year. Tell us a bit about your style

Fashion face off: Denim vs Leather

We have all had to make that decision, so which side are you on? Kathryn Murray discusses the two staple choices for spring jackets

SS16 Beauty Forecast

Looking to update your makeup look just in time for spring/summer? Laura Mills brings you the rundown of what’s hot on the SS16 catwalk, featuring a blast from the past, a classic red laip, and some plain old weird lashes

Scandimania – the Nordic fashion boom

Rebecca Thomas tells us how ‘Scandimania’ has spread from the peninsula to Instagram and is now shaping the new ‘normcore’ craze

Cravings and Savings

Phoebe Nickalls reveals some affordable alternatives to the top trends on the high street at this moment in time

Stuck in the Seventies

As your favourite summer trends disappear from the high street, Kassi Allcock gives you the 411 on how the seventies trend will continue through to autumn

Walk this way, fashion this way

Want to be ahead of the curve? Kathryn Murray walks you through the hottest trends, from New York’s to London’s Fashion Week and how to make this year’s purchases last from season to season

As long as she’s got her suit and tie

Fleur Stevens sings the praises of androgynous style

Fashion Revolution: The 90s

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch takes a look at the decade trend that just won’t die

Sleeve it yeah!

Have you got something up your sleeve? Charlie Dick discusses the latest fad trend