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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

Cravings and Savings

Cravings and Savings

Stick with The Mancunion Fashion editors for our attire cravings and savings; there’s almost always a cheaper alternative!

The Faux Fur Scarf

Pink? Check! Fluffy? Check! You’ve seen them all over Instagram and now you want your own… but at £200 a scarf, the Charlotte Simone Popsicle (faux fur, of course) does not come cheap.

Charlotte Simone Scarf

Craving – £200
Photo: Charlotte Simone


To avoid living off baked beans for the rest of the year (yes, we’ve all been there), you could just bag yourself this Topshop number at £32, and that’s not even accounting for student discount!

Saving:  Photo: Topshop

Saving – £32
Photo: Topshop


The Black Backpack

We love how minimalist and stylish the Whistles Mini Verity Backpack is! Backpacks are perfect for carrying all of your uni essentials, while also saving your shoulders.

Craving - £180 Photo: Whistles

Craving – £180
Photo: Whistles


However, instead of shelling out the cold £180 for this Whistles number, why not go for the Glamorous Backpack with Zip Detail from ASOS, at £35.99. It won’t break your shoulders… or your bank!

Saving -  Photo: ASOS

Saving – £35.99
Photo: ASOS


The Longline Parka

Although we’re all enjoying the mild weather at the moment, every Manchester student knows that a cold winter is just around the corner! A longline parka is the perfect way to stay fashionable, while also beating that icy chill! We love the Diesel W-Pury Parka coat, but we’re not sure that our student loans will cover the £310 price tag.

Craving - Photo:

Craving – £310
Photo: Diesel


However, this New Look option at only £49.99 is a great choice for keeping you warm during the colder months!

Saving - Photo: New Look

Saving – £49.99
Photo credit: New Look

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