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29th March 2022

Gloves, corsets and ballet flats: Bridgerton season two

With the upcoming series of Bridgerton, we look at the possible trends that may come from it
Gloves, corsets and ballet flats: Bridgerton season two
Photo credits: Maia Penny

Netflix’s Bridgerton is returning for season 2 on the 25th of March, just in time for some regency inspired spring fashion inspo. The show is set in England, focusing on the high society of the 19th century and has been described as the Regency era version of Gossip Girl, with plenty of drama and romance. 

The release of the first season of Bridgerton last year saw a surge in searches for items such as gloves and corsets – trends that were already making their way onto everyone’s pinterest boards. ‘Regency Core’, as it has been dubbed online, became a trend on social media, but the obsession with the show and its looks had a particularly large presence on TikTok, with many creating Bridgerton inspired outfits. 

The series first came out during lockdown, so the romantic, fancy, hyper feminine style was especially alluring to our low-effort lockdown selves. This time around, you might see more obvious Bridgerton inspired get-up while out and about. Girls wearing corsets are a given on a night out, but something like opera gloves might be the next historically inspired piece to make its way into the mainstream. 

Part of the beauty of the show, and the thing that distinguishes it from many other period dramas, is its lack of regard for historical accuracy. It has a quintessentially 21st century approach to history-based entertainment. It has been praised for its diversity, and everything from the music (modern hits performed by a string quartet) to the sparkly fashion, which includes reference to multiple eras (including Regency, Georgian and Victorian) is produced purely for entertainment and aesthetic rather than truthfulness. 

So much of the styling on Bridgerton can be adapted for everyday wear. Some trends which are likely to grow with the release of season two, even if they might already be popular are:


Photo credits: Maia Penny

Lacy, patterned or plain, corsets are having a moment. Try finding a basic white or black corset top to fit with any outfit, or commit even harder to the Bridgerton aesthetic by choosing a pastel shade, especially if it has added sparkles or ribbons. 

Sparkly Jewellery 

Photo credits: Maia Penny

Tiaras and shining necklaces galore are featured on the show, pearls are already trending like crazy, everyone either has or has wanted a Vivienne Westwood pearl choker. Something that has a prominent place in multiple promo photos for season two is matching jewellery sets. Maybe the return of Bridgerton will inspire a more put together, regal approach to jewellery after the colourful, mismatched bead craze of the past few years.


Photo credits: Maia Penny

Another accessory worn frequently in Bridgerton is silky opera gloves. These are easy to find online in a plethora of colours, and make a great addition to any night out outfit. You could even add some rings for a 2022 twist on the trend.

Underwear as Outerwear

Photo credits: Maia Penny

Boudoir inspired pieces are all the rage, the pretty florals and pastel colourways of Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty embody the pretty, lacy aesthetic of Bridgerton. There’s also a recent trend for wearing underwear (corsets, bralettes etc.) as outerwear and although, this isn’t directly influenced by the styling of the show, it mirrors the steamy romance present in the storyline. 

Ballet flats

The shoes in Bridgerton are comfortable looking classic flats that haven’t been on trend for a number of years, but the trend predictors of TikTok have been saying that ballet flats are going to make a comeback. They cite Lily Rose Depp’s classic-looking Repetto ballerinas as an inspiration. They’re definitely a contrast to the popular chunky flatforms and boots of the past few years, maybe a resurgence of delicate, comfortable footwear is due?

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