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23rd September 2016

Preview: Norfolk

Martin Radich’s latest film premieres on the 26th of September with a filmmakers Q&A to follow, making this a must-see event for any film lover

Norfolk is BAFTA-nominated director Martin Radich’s latest feature length film, starring, amongst others, Denis Ménochet (Assassin’s Creed, Inglourious Basterds, Robin Hood) and Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, Trespass Against Us, ’71).

It tells the tale of a teenage boy and his father living in the picturesque Norfolk countryside when their lives are changed forever as his father—who is a mentally unstable mercenary—is called away on a final mission, threatening their peaceful, idyllic life.

Stills from the film, as well as the trailer, can be seen on and it is clear from these alone that Norfolk is set to be an art-house masterpiece, with each shot carefully built to match the harrowing story that unfolds. The contrast between the country and technology is explored, as is the bond between family. The isolated countryside setting eerily houses the secrets and horror that are revealed, providing a brilliant background to the rest of the film.

Norfolk premiers in Manchester at HOME on the 26th of September, and a Q&A afterwards with the filmmakers will make this a screening not to be missed. Touching both the drama and thriller genres, the film has been described as “striking [and] dreamlike” by Screen International, and “riveting to watch” by Variety.

The writer and director, Martin Radich, has already won several awards for his short films, as well as having attended Edinburgh College of Art, so expect beautiful cinematography, as well as a brilliant portrayal of raw emotion.

The music for Norfolk is a collaboration with JG Thirlwell, who has worked with the likes of Nick Cave, Marc Almond, The The, Karen O and Spike Jonze previously, and if his 25-year long career is anything to go by then the soundtrack to Norfolk will match the aesthetic of the film perfectly.

For more information, and to book your place at the screening on Monday, visit

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