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4th October 2016

High heels vs Trainers

Talia Lee-Skudder gives her opinion on wearing trainers on a night out. Are heels the ultimate footwear or is it time to embrace the more comfortable and practical choice of trainers?

Before starting university, I vowed I would never succumb to the hugely popular and practical trend of wearing trainers. I laughed at my friends who assured me that they were essential university wear and were actually really cool. As if wearing trainers outside of the gym wasn’t enough to get my head around, being a student in Manchester also meant that trainers were the preferred choice of footwear on a night out. You can imagine my horror on finding out that I was going to have to incorporate trainers into my wardrobe in a big way.

For a night out at home in the northern seaside town of Cleethorpes—or CleeVegas to those who are well acquainted—heels are obligatory on a night out. I foolishly believed that this would be the case in Manchester and that it would stay this way. I put up a good fight, wearing lower and chunkier heels than what I was accustomed to during freshers week. However, I quickly realised that I was fighting a losing battle and begrudgingly left my heels to collect dust in my wardrobe for the rest of the year. Whilst walking to a club and spending all night in towering heels is the norm at home, clambering onto the Magic Bus in stilettos for a student night out seems unthinkable. So I reluctantly purchased my first pair of trainers and honestly they have revolutionised my wardrobe.

The pros of trainers are obvious; ultimate comfort that allows you to keep dancing all night and run home from the bus stop when it’s freezing cold and, in spite of myself, I do have to admit they do look cool. Heels, on the other hand, are glamorous and bring together any outfit, plus they elongate your legs and who doesn’t love that? It’s futile to even mention the cons of wearing heels; we’ve all had nights where our feet are crippled in pain and we are convinced that our fabulous heels are, in fact, torture devices. However, if you find the right pair of shoes you can rule the world.

For those of you who, like me, are advocates for the stiletto, despite all of their attributes, sometimes trainers just don’t work with your outfit. For a night in Manchester, find middle ground and wear your comfy boots. These are a lifesaver for the trainer-phobes out there and they give you the extra height that you need. Whilst I undoubtedly shun my trusty heels on a night out at university, I am still devoted to my stilettos at home and surprisingly comfort is never an issue – especially if my outfit is looking good. So, will I ever discard my heels in exchange for comfort, practicality and looking ‘cool’? Absolutely not, but I’m willing to make an exception during my time studying in Manchester. If Victoria Beckham can swap five-inch Louboutin heels for Stan Smiths then—for now— I think I’m in good company.

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