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Top 5: Spoken Word Songs

Sometimes, spoken word is all you need.

1) The Revolution Will Not be Televised — Gil Scott-Heron
This powerful song has influenced a huge number of musicians since it was recorded in 1971. The brilliantly defiant lyrics were hugely important in the black power movement and continues to hold a haunting relevance today.

2) Car Radio — Twenty One Pilots
Love them or not, these guys are leading a revolutionary movement in music. There is something truly captivating about this melodic marriage of raw honesty in the lyrics and a simultaneously dreamy and dance-y instrumentals, climaxing with hard hitting screams of “silence”.

3) Chapter Twelve: Shores, and The New World — Levi the Poet
Lyrics weaved effortlessly into beautiful narrative, Levi is a true story teller. He transports you into his world, immersing you in the layers of his voice. A painter with his words and his voice.

4) Body Love Part 1 — Mary Lambert
The brutal honesty of this track will haunt you for a long time after listening. The message of this song is conveyed almost painfully in the tone of her voice. Not easy listening, but necessary listening.

5) Tiny Glowing Screens Part 2 — Watsky
Simplistic piano chords layered with cathartic rap. There is something deeply honest about this song that all seven billion and forty seven million of us can connect with. Sobering and poignant, George Watsky uses his voice to evoke emotion like no one else.

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