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24th November 2017

The Faculty of Science and Engineering invite students to a special faculty forum meeting

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) is hosting a forum for students to discuss their views on the likely restructuring of the nine schools
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On the 30th of November, students will get the chance to present and discuss their views on the Faculty of Science and Engineering review and likely merger of the various schools within it.

Notice of the original review, which began in December 2016, did not reach students until a previous General Secretary Naa Acquah shared a Facebook post announcing it.

The post was met with a wave of criticism from students, who believed they had been cut out from the process.

After receiving student feedback, Martin Schroder, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, hosted four open sessions and visited all nine Schools “in order to gain a better understanding of how best to implement changes, whilst maintaining the clear identity of all our subject disciplines.”

The review group published their report in June 2017, which was followed by a consultation. However, there was a low student turn out as these consultations took place out of term time.

The meeting on the 30th of November will be facilitated by the Assistant Vice Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students, Professor Steve Pettifer and members of the Students’ Union executive team.

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