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13th December 2017

ArtBox: Interview with artist Faye Gosling

We talked to Faye Gosling, one of many students involved in this fundraising event for the Manchester Mind charity

ArtBox will be host to a range of artists who have all donated their work in aid of one charity, Manchester Mind, and in the run up to the event, we catch up with some of those getting involved, and what the project means to them:

Why did you choose to get involved with the Artbox event and what does it mean for you to be part of it?

I got involved with Artbox because I thought it was a fun idea, I’ve never been to an event like this and [Manchester] Mind is a great charity so I had no reason to say no! To be a part of it is fantastic as not only am I donating (and probably buying) work to raise money for Mind, but also, as I haven’t ventured down from Glasgow for anything art related before, it’s a great opportunity to check out the art scene in Manchester!

It is easy for people to assume that the art world is exclusive and pricey. Do you think it’s important to use art for charitable causes such as this one?

I think if you can make work that people want to buy, why not sell it for charity! I’ve got to make work anyway if i want to get a degree, and I’ve got a job and a student loan so I don’t need to make money off it- if it’s going to sell the profits might as well go somewhere good!

Artbox is a student led event. Do you think it is significant for students to have the opportunity to get involved with such projects?

It’s great that this is a student led event because not only are we all developing our professional practice, as well as our event organising skills — or whatever it is that we can put on our CV’s afterwards — but it makes artwork accessible to other students, which is nice. And also just raising money for charity is always a lovely thing to do if you have the time!

Mono print by Faye Gosling Mono Print by Faye Gosling


What inspires your art? Is there anything specific you’d like your work to convey?

My practice is heavily influenced my water, the coast and generally just being outside. I’m starting to develop more site specific work, looking at translating the shape and patterns found within rivers into vocal scores to be performed on site. However, I figured this would be a difficult thing to sell at Artbox as it is basically me singing next to a river, so as well as this, I have been looking at things found on the beach for the auction — I have cast a back ray bone in bronze and pewter and have also done some mono prints to accompany them!

Where can we find your art online?

I have a not completely up-to-date online portfolio on my website

ArtBox Event Page  // PostBox Event Page

Artbox – a silent art auction hosted by Funraising – will take place on December 14th at Solomons Cafe Bar from 5:30pm, with an after-party, PostBox, at  Indigo starting at 10:00pm.

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