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Live review: Imagine Dragons

Last Saturday, Imagine Dragons played once again in Manchester. On this occasion, it was Manchester Arena who hosted the group who brought us Evolve — the last of, and very likely one of their best, albums. It’s incredible to see the evolution of a group. At this point, it doesn’t seem like they could get any better. To sum up the gig in four words: entertaining, energetic, and intensely personal.

The group came on stage to a great start playing ‘I Don’t Know Why’. It was immediately evident that the group has undergone a change in aesthetic in the past couple of years. Rather than all wearing similar outfits, each of the band members dressed differently, from plain tee-shirts and jeans to colourful flame patterned jackets.

Along with playing songs their new album, they also played some of their most popular songs, to which the audience responded with a euphoric roar and an enthusiastic sing-along.

This alternative band can play anything, from powerful rock tracks to slow ballads, each song transforming the mood of the stadium. No matter what they sang, the song was always full of powerful messages to which anyone can relate. I guess that is one of the things that make them so special, the fact that in every song, they talk about real life issues that can affect anyone.

Usually, it is the crowd who is devoted to the singer, in this case, it was the opposite. Dan Reynolds, the groups’ lead singer not only gave all he had during every song; in addition, he opened himself up and got personal with the fans, making this concert a special one.

The ending was the moment you realised why you have got to love Imagine Dragons. Dan Reynolds was on the floor embracing the moment, the sound, the people, the shouting, and the whole band knew that the best was to be saved for last. They teased the crowd for a good three minutes before starting to play ‘Demons’. A great finale for a great show.

Amazing music, great show, and an extraordinary band. What else can you ask for? Not only are Imagine Dragons an incredibly talented group of musicians, but in addition, their down to earth attitude brings them closer to the crowd. Imagine Dragons is a band you need to see in all their glory.

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