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11th October 2018

UoM launches new ‘Creative Manchester Project’

The Mancunion takes a look at The University’s new initiative to become a world-leader in the Arts and establish their place in the business world
UoM launches new ‘Creative Manchester Project’
Photo: David Dixon @ geograph

The University of Manchester has announced the official launch of a new project named Creative Manchester. It was announced on the fourth of October and promises an investment of £3.3 million into the creative industry.

The event, held at Whitworth Hall, featured a variety of creative individuals and presentations. There was a range of speakers, from significant artists in Manchester to students. The guests gathered to witness multiple performances of poetry, speech, and even Klezmer Ensemble.

The university is aiming to be the leading academic institution in the creative industry sector, both locally and globally. It intends to do so by increasing support and conversations surrounding the importance of the industry. The project recognises the role of Arts and Humanities and will also focus on implementing them in the business world. There are plans to give help in employability, as well as offer placement opportunities, in order to encourage students to expand their creativity and to build a career from it.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, said: “Our investment in new research, new posts, and new courses will take our work across the creative and cultural sectors to a new level of significance and impact.”

One of the main goals of Creative Manchester is to help graduates by connecting their creative minds with employers. When a student studying English Literature with Creative Writing was asked to comment on the recent launch, she said: “It’s a great thing because there needs to be more focus on [it] and more resources for all of the creative arts.”

Another student on the same course talked about the role of the Arts and added: “it’s an area that is too often thought of as a hobby and it is often neglected in academic spheres. Anything that provides academic opportunities for the creative arts should be encouraged.”

The project has also set up their own website, To find more information on their objectives and how to get involved, visit the website.

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