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Hot Right Now: HMLTD

Happy Meal Limited or Hate Music Last Time Delete?

HMLTD, a London-born sextet of glam, rock, punk, and pop merge together to produce some of the most exciting and experimental music that you could find in the current industry.

Embellished with the most garish, bold and sometimes even creepy costumes, HMLTD are totally unique in their stage presence. Henry Spychalski, the band’s flamboyant frontman, is one of the most dramatic performers I have ever laid eyes on, certainly similar to the likes of Adam Ant.

With an absolutely fascinating image, HMLTD draw influences from Satan, sex, love and nightmarish figurines to produce a bizarre concoction of seductive beats and compelling lyricism. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like a HMLTD live set.

Albeit, some of their songs e.g. ‘Stained’ and ‘Kinkaku-Ji’ can come across abrasive on the studio versions and the rest may leave you questioning what on earth you have got yourself into, I still urge you to see them live.

Fans of HMLTD are exactly how you would picture them – everybody is welcome. Every age, race, sexuality, religion is welcome here because the caricatures that form HMLTD are constantly striving to push every social boundary and limit.

HMLTD live performances may leave you awkwardly laughing out of slight discomfort but will definitely leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Songs to listen to: ‘Proxy Love’, ‘Is this what you wanted?’, ‘Music!’ and ‘Satan, Luella & I’

Upcoming tour dates: Supporting Shame* O2 Ritz Manchester (22ndNov) and Leeds Uni Stylus (20thNov).

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