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23rd August 2019

Home storage issues and how to resolve them

Ad: Living with seven people in a tiny terrace? Space is always a premium and we’ve got some tips on how you can make the most of your house
Home storage issues and how to resolve them
Weirbags have some home storage advice. Photo: Shutterstock with commercial licence.

It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re beginning your journey in halls, or branching out into a student house with your new university friends, it’s time to consider a few common problems most students face when moving from their family home into a smaller, shared accommodation.

It’s time to pack up the essentials and tackle the home storage issues many of us face when living in a new place. Lucky for you, we have put together this guide on ways to utilise your space and resolve any home storage issues that you may have.

Overall household space

If you are struggling for storage space in your home or flat, we have provided you with some hacks to make your life a little easier. By properly utilising your space it will keep your home clean, organised and free of any clutter.

In your main living space, we suggest hanging lamps to save the need for side tables so you can use this space for something else. You could also stack your chairs in a corner of the room to free up the sitting area. For those of you who prefer to cycle to uni, install some brackets to hang your bike to declutter the hallway. Lastly, add some vertical magazine racks to store your files, magazines, and important documents.

Bedroom space

Is your box room and tiny closet giving you problems? Of course, it would be because of the lack of space, not the extra discounts you’re receiving on a new wardrobe. Regardless of whether you’ve been treating yourself or not, try hanging scarves and shoes in organisers on the inside of your wardrobe door to free up space.

If you have too many scarves, then use shower curtain hooks to hang them on a single coat hanger. Add hooks to your bedroom door to hang towels and coats ready for the winter. Lastly, you could try propping your bed on riders to utilise the under bed space to store boxes of your belongings. We also suggest using desiccant bags for your home storage to prevent mould and damage when housing your most prized possessions.

Kitchen space

Does your lack of kitchen space give you a headache every time you prepare a meal? Get creative with turning your fridge into a spice rack by using magnetic spice jars. This will allow you to clear out your cupboards and stick them to your fridge door instead. Get even more artsy with a peg board to arrange your pots and pans on the wall.

You could also try an over-the-sink chopping board to temporarily expand your counter space when it’s your turn to cook for your housemates. In addition to this, add some command hooks under the sink to hang a small basket, this way you can easily store household essentials.

Bathroom space

Finally, it’s time to resolve the issues in probably the most crowded place in the house. Make use of whatever space is available in your bathroom. Put up some spice racks beside the mirror, you can install one for each housemate to store daily hair products and lotions. As well as this, hang some mason jars to house little things that don’t have a home such as cotton wool pads and makeup sponges. Lastly, install multiple towel rods on the back of your bathroom door so that you’ll never have to pick up another towel again… hopefully!

We have faith that these household issues may just save your sanity when it comes to venturing into the big wide world and learning to fend for yourself!

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